Elizabethtown Community Hospital is proud to offer chemotherapy and infusion services to its patients. Residents of, and visitors to, the local area are pleased to learn that treatment options have been established close to where they live, work and vacation.

The chemotherapy and infusion staff, comprised of nurses, a nurse practitioner and support staff, works to ensure that patients are comfortable, well-informed and feel well cared-for. Hospital staff is committed to treating the whole patient. The hospital’s compassionate caregivers understand that a diagnosis of cancer ripples across all aspects of a patient’s life, affecting emotional well-being, nutritional status, ability to stay active, family, work, finances, and more.

The resources available on this website will help to ensure that patients have the information needed to help make appropriate decisions, while encouraging ways to receive both emotional and logistical support.

We are proud to be able to help you through this journey.



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Elizabethtown Community Hospital's primary care network is the county's central source for preventative, primary care. It operates community health centers in Westport, Wilmington and Elizabethtown, offering convenient access to primary care throughout the area. The health center in Elizabethtown also houses the hospital's outpatient physical therapy center.

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