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Dr. Peter Weimersheimer

Meet Your Emergency Department Care Team


Dr. Peter Weimersheimer, who has taught and practiced emergency medicine at the University of Vermont Medical Center for the last nine years, says he is excited to be one of the physicians in the Ticonderoga emergency department of Elizabethtown Community Hospital. “I really enjoy working at the ECH-Ticonderoga campus. It’s a great community. The staff is enthusiastic, highly skilled, and they have a great team camaraderie.”

Seeing patients in Ticonderoga is the latest in Dr. Weimersheimer’s 25-year interest in the practice of emergency medicine. “Emergency medicine was always the best fit for me,” he says. “I enjoy meeting and caring for diverse patients, managing high acuity, and diagnosing all presentations.” Dr. Weimersheimer has practiced at large urban hospitals such as Boston Medical Center and Boston Regional, as well as at smaller community hospitals in Vermont, including Rutland Regional Hospital and Porter Medical Center in Middlebury.

The most challenging aspect of emergency medicine, Weimersheimer says, is managing patients with high-risk symptoms who may need advanced imaging and specialty care. His awareness of this challenge explains his career-long interest in ultrasound technology. He is the Clinical Director of the UVMMC Clinical Ultrasound Program, Course Director for the Emergency Medicine Residency Ultrasound Curriculum, and a Professor of the Ultrasound Leadership Academy, an international organization supporting the development of point-of-care ultrasound.

After graduating magna cum laude from Bates College and receiving a master's degree in environmental physiology from the University of Arizona, Dr. Weimersheimer earned his medical degree from the University of Vermont. Originally from New Jersey, Dr. Weimersheimer now feels quite at home in the North Country. “As a region, this is one of those places that gets under your skin,” he says. “It’s a beautiful rural area with access to the outdoors and a full spectrum of outdoor activities, and a great community where people treat each other well.” 

Dr. Weimersheimer is excited to be a member of the ECH-Ticonderoga emergency department care team, and looks forward to meeting and treating local patients.

The COVID-19 pandemic is foremost on all of our minds, particularly when it comes to the decision to seek medical care. Your local emergency department team at the UVM Health Network - Elizabethtown Community Hospital urges patients to seek prompt medical care for accidents or illnesses – and especially when it comes to signs of heart attack or stroke.

Emergency departments and facilities across the University of Vermont Health Network have put added safety precautions in place to protect patients and staff – including temperature checks, plexi-glass partitions, screening questions for everyone entering the facility, and mandatory masks.

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