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Meet our ED Care Team: Dr. David Markowitz


Patients who walk in to the emergency department at the Elizabethtown Community Hospital could have an Airline Mechanic of the Year setting their broken bone or assessing their EKG, should they arrive when Dr. David Markowitz is working.

Markowitz, a lifelong aviation enthusiast, is equally recognized in the field of emergency medicine, having treated patients in upstate New York since 1995, and recruited to ECH by hospital president John Remillard.

Dr. Markowitz was drawn to emergency medicine early on in life, growing up just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. At age 13, he was running EMS calls for a small community volunteer ambulance company that, in his words, “needed a body.”

That was 45 years ago. Now, Markowitz says rural medicine continues to be a great fit for him. “I prefer the personal touch of rural medicine, and the opportunity to get to know patients,” he says.

Before he entered medical school at the University of New Mexico, Markowitz earned his undergraduate degree in aviation from Thomas Edison College in New Jersey. After college, he worked for American Airlines as an airframe and power plant technician for several years, winning the national Mechanic of the Year recognition, from among 12,000 national candidates, in 1988.

Nowadays, Markowitz continues to take to the skies in his hot air balloon, “Wild Ride,” when the weather is favorable. After growing up in Albuquerque, the site of one of the world’s largest hot air balloon rallies, ballooning was something else Dr. Markowitz was introduced to at a young age.

An article about the “Wild Ride” team in the Concord Monitor described Markowitz as the patriarch of the familial group, “the glue that brought the team together,” and someone whose “calm and encouraging demeanor never breaks,” even in stressful situations. 

Indeed, ballooning – a team-based hobby that calls for calm during changing conditions and strong communication with your crew – offers a lot of parallels to emergency medicine. It’s an analogy that’s not lost on Dr. Markowitz, who is looking forward to meeting more local patients and acting as their “emergency mechanic” in times of need.

The COVID-19 pandemic is foremost on all of our minds, particularly when it comes to the decision to seek medical care. Your local emergency department team at the UVM Health Network - Elizabethtown Community Hospital urges patients to seek prompt medical care for accidents or illnesses – and especially when it comes to signs of heart attack or stroke.

Emergency departments and facilities across the University of Vermont Health Network have put added safety precautions in place to protect patients and staff – including temperature checks, plexi-glass partitions, screening questions for everyone entering the facility, and mandatory masks.

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