COVID Testing

Coronavirus: What you need to know

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COVID Testing at ECH

Diagnostic COVID-19 testing is available at Elizabethtown Community Hospital’s six health centers and can be scheduled by calling (518) 873-3134.  Results can be obtained through MyChart online. Please be sure to create a MyChart account if you do not already have one. Patients who test positive for COVID will be contacted by phone. 

COVID Testing for a Medical Procedure

If you are scheduled for a medical procedure, your physician may require you to be screened within 3-5 days of your procedure. Testing is required for all procedures at Elizabethtown Community Hospital, regardless of an individual's vaccination status. 

Please call (518) 873-3134 to schedule your test and provide the date of your procedure and the name of the physician performing the procedure. Your physician will receive your results within 2-4 days.

It is recommended you self-isolate at home and monitor for COVID-like symptoms before your scheduled procedure.

If you have COVID symptoms

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, please call your provider. If your provider recommends a test, please call (518) 873-3134 to schedule an appointment at the health center nearest you.

When your appointment is scheduled, you will be given directions on where to park for your test. A health center staff member will use a nasal swab to collect a sample through your car window, and you can obtain your results through MyChart online. Please be sure to create a MyChart account if you do not already have one. Patients who test positive for COVID will be contacted by phone. 

It is recommended you self-isolate at home and monitor your symptoms during this time. If you have medical concerns, please call your provider; and if you have a medical emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

Testing due to Known Exposure

If you have a known exposure to COVID, it is recommended that you wait three to five days before testing and stay in quarantine for 10 days after your last exposure, regardless of whether your test result is positive or negative.  The test result helps determine whether additional contacts may need to be identified to limit further spread.

If You Test Positive for COVID-19

Those who test positive for COVID-19 will receive a call from a hospital representative.

  • Stay home
  • Separate yourself from others within the household, maintain a six-foot distance
  • Utilize a separate bathroom if possible and disinfect after each use
  • Cough into your elbow or hand and wash hands frequently
  • Wear a face mask if you must be around others
  • If you must seek medical care, call ahead and notify them of your COVID status

If You Have Not Received Your Results

Please check MyChart or call (518) 873-3134.