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Infant Transport Device

As access to obstetric care declines in rural areas, patients often have to travel an hour or more for routine and emergent obstetric services. This means the rapid, unplanned delivery of a newborn at home, in one of our ambulances, or in one of our small hospitals is becoming increasingly common.

One of the benefits of being part of the University of Vermont Health Network is that we can work quickly to connect experts, technology and resources to provide outstanding care for every patient, whenever they need it. There are times when ECH must safely transport infants in need of emergency and specialty care to the UVM Children’s Hospital.

Our dedicated emergency department and transport team is asking for your help to ensure we are prepared to transport infants. The Baby Pod transport device will allow us to safely convey infants in an environment that is warm, safe and secure. 

Baby Pod Transport Device

  • ECH is in need of two new Baby Pod Transport Devices, totaling $20,350.
  • The Baby Pod transport device will help ensure our ambulances are equipped to transport infants in an environment that is warm, safe and secure.
  • Your donation will benefit babies and families in our region who find themselves unexpectedly in need of emergency transfer to the NICU and other specialists at the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital.

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