Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation

Services Available:

Physical Therapy Outpatient Locations

Elizabethtown Hours- MWF 8AM-5pm Tuesday/Thursday 8AM-7PM
Ticonderoga Campus Hours- 8AM-4:30PM
Wilsbororo Hours- 8AM-4:30PM

Inpatient Rehabilitation

We offer rehabilitative care that can help you:

  • Maximize functionality
  • Maintain or restore your strength and endurance
  • Promote wellbeing 
    With your physician’s request, our therapists will recommend a treatment plan based on what you were doing before your illness and on your current function.  The plan will be tailored to your particular situation and needs. A small gym located within the hospital may used in your treatment plan.
    Certain medical problems also lead to difficulty swallowing, speaking or otherwise communicating. Our Speech Therapists work with patients on being able to safely swallow food and liquids; on understanding and expressing language; and on regaining cognitive abilities lost.  They perform video fluoroscopic swallow studies with the assistance of radiology.
    Our inpatient team works closely with the nursing and case management staff to prepare you for the next phase of your recovery. Whether it’s going home with some assistance, continued treatment at one of our outpatient settings or admission to a specialized facility, our therapists can help you get there.
  • Oupatient Rehabilitation

  • Our outpatient rehabilitation is offered at three convienient locations:
    Elizabethtown- 66 Park Street Elizabethtown NY located in the Elizabethtown Community Health Center
    Ticonderoga Campus-