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ECH Emergency Medical Services Community

The University of Vermont Health Network - Elizabethtown Community Hospital (ECH) strives to collaborate with community resources to improve the health of our community and partners with local first responders and EMS agencies to provide emergency medical services. These agencies are valuable members of our health care team and participate in education, development, and improvement within our catchment area and beyond.

Learn more about our EMS partnerships and opportunities for our community partners.

Community EMS

Our community EMS partners include the dispatchers that triage and connect callers with appropriate services, transportation—including ambulances, and first responders—such as paramedics. Together, the EMS network in our community responds quickly and efficiently to a variety of medical needs.

Often our EMS partners provide care within the community, prior to or separate from a visit to the emergency department. In the case that a call requires more advanced care, EMS can provide safe transport and even life-saving medical care on the way to the hospital.

Continuing Education and Quality Improvement

We are committed to education, development, and quality improvement activities in our community. We provide several opportunities for our community partners to participate in educational activities, offering regular continuing medical education (CME) credits, conferences, and QI/QA meetings.

The 4th Thursday each month, we host a 1-2 hour CME at ECH that is open to everyone. For anyone who cannot make it in person, there is the possibility to attend via Skype.

More information and our calendar of CME opportunities and other special events, visit our continuing education page.

Any EMS agency is welcome to attend our regular Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement meetings. At each meeting, collected data from regional agencies’ patient care reports (PCRs) will be presented and discussed. For more information on current studies, meeting dates, and QA/QI contacts, visit our EMS QA/QI Program page.