Inpatient (Med/Surg) Care Department

The main facility in Elizabethtown is a 25-bed nursing unit that provides both acute and sub acute care. Its small atmosphere helps create a closer bond between patients and professionals; fostering optimal healing and compassionate care.

Acute care is for patients that experience a relatively brief but severe episode of illness or injury. It often initially takes place in the emergency department but can shift to the hospital's inpatient unit.

Sub-acute care is somewhat longer-term and aids in an overall recovery process. The sub-acute program at our main facility in Elizabethtown gives patients the ability to recover from major illness or surgery closer to their home community - and family.

Following a hip-replacement, knee surgery, stroke or cardiac operation, patient recuperation and therapy can be completed at Elizabethtown Community Hospital, saving the family the time and expense of travel. The program provides one-on-one therapeutic care provided by the hospital's physical therapy and rehab department.

The Inpatient Care Department Provides:

  • Quality patient care; with superior staffing ratios
  • Physical, occupational, speech and recreational therapy, dietary consultation, and emergency dental care when required
  • Registered nurse oversight of patient care
  • 24-hour availability of a physician assistant, emergency department, lab and radiology
  • Clean, comfortable patient rooms
  • Case management and discharge planning to arrange home care and other required services
  • State of the art equipment
  • Liberal visiting hours
  • Hospice and respite care

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation services are offered to patients during their stay. The hospital's therapists provide physical, occupational, recreational and speech therapy for patients. Other specialty therapies are also available, based on patient requirements. Each patient receives a comprehensive care plan developed to meet his or her individual needs.

The primary goal of inpatient therapy is to provide treatment so patients can regain their independence, by making a safe transition home. To accomplish this, a comprehensive evaluation is performed by a licensed therapist who will design a patient's individual treatment program. For more information on the hospitals's rehabilitation department, CLICK HERE.

Ammentities Include

Patients receive television, phone,and meals free of charge. Here at Elizabethtown Community Hospital we strive to make patients feel at home and to have a pleasent stay with us.

Conditions staff may address include:

  • CA total hip or knee replacement
  • Post-surgical conditions
  • Stroke
  • Debilitating states associated with acute illness
  • Post trauma/traumatic injury

Visiting Hours

The UVM Health Network - Elizabethtown Community Hospital embraces patient-centered care by encouraging the support of friends and family during the healing process. Visiting hours are not restricted by policy, but instead are defined by the patient's preference, need, and comfort.

Visitors may check in at patient registration during business hours, or at the nurses station after hours. From the hospital's main entrance, take a right at the end of the first hallway and follow it to the end to get to the inpatient unit.

The hospital does not have a gift shop but a local florist, Flowers by Tracey, will deliver to the inpatient unit. Please call the shop directly for more information at (518) 873-5005.

Contact Us

Contact Victoria Savage at (518) 873-6377 for additional information about inpatient care, physical rehabilitation services, and visiting hours.