Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation is the provision of Treatment services and the provision of recreation services to persons with illnesses or disabling conditions. The primary purposes of treatment services which are often referred to as recreational therapy, are to restore, remediate, or rehabilitate in order to improve functioning and independence as well as reduce or eliminate the effects or illness or disability. The primary purposes of recreational services are to provide recreation resources and opportunities in order to improve health and wellbeing. Therapeutic Recreation uses treatment, education, and recreation services to help people with illnesses, disabilities, and other conditions to develop and use their leisure in ways that enhance their health, functional abilities, independence and quality of life. 

What is an activity?
An activity is every interaction we have with every person, place, or thing in our environment.
Despite a persons disease, frailty, or age, any patient can engage in a number of activities bringing out their essence and personality.
Despite illness, patients can engage and offer their own personality through activities. Activities are a fundemental component of daily care. 

Services Included:
Barber and Hair Services
Pet Therapy
Sensory Stimulation