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Alumni Spotlight:

Christopher Miller, Paramedic

Since graduating from the program, Chris has gone on to become the Transport Team Coordinator at Canton Potsdam Hospital.  He continues to serve the community of Ogdensburg for Ogdensburg Volunteer Rescue Squad.  Chris continues to teach various programs and is currently working towards his Critical Care Paramedic Certification (CCP-C).

 Michelle San Antonio discusses a her journey to paramedic. 

Elizabethtown Community Hospital | 'It’s never too late to switch up your career' (


1st year outcomes: NYS Paramedic Class #129038

2018-2019- 73% retention

          100% 1st time pass rate for the NYS Cognitive Exam

          88% 1st time pass rate, 100% overall pass rate for the NYS Practical Skills Exam

100% positive placement rate for graduates. Positive placement is defined as ‘Employed full or part-time in a related field and/or continuing his/her education and/or serving in the military’. Positive placement is measured at completion of the program.