Course Description

This course has been developed to meet and/or exceed the standards as set forth in the National  
Emergency Medical Services Education Standards ( The
course builds upon the foundational knowledge of the Emergency Medical Technician and
provides additional breadth (amount of material) and depth (level of detail) of knowledge
necessary for the paramedic to practice in today’s workforce. In addition, the course integrates
experiences from outside the traditional 911 (emergency) role of paramedics to facilitate entry
into other areas of paramedic practice including community-based paramedicine, interfacility
transport, and specialty/critical care transport.

How the Course will be Delivered

The course will combine methodologies of teaching and learning including:
-On-Line interactive forums, homework
-Research and evidence based presentations
-Didactic lecture
-Small group exercises, skills task training, simulation
-Clinical experiences
-Other assignments and projects
A large portion of the course will require the student to have some computer proficiency. At a
minimum each student should have basic knowledge of personal computers, word processing,
internet browsing, and email

College Credits

We are currently working with North Country Community College to award credits to students who complete the program. Credits are transferrable or you may continue with North Country Community College on a pathway to a degree.