Commitment to Quality

Quality encompasses a number of things: Safety, patient care, patient experience while at Elizabethtown Community Hospital, employee satisfaction, hospital funding, insurance reimbursement... the list goes on.Elizabethtown Community Hospital has undertaken a number of quality initiatives to better serve its patients. Quality care benefits the patient, while ensuring that the hospital can continue to receive important funding - payment from Medicaid and Medicare, government-sponsored grants, as well as ongoing community support.There are a number of Department of Health initiatives, along with national patient safety goals that Elizabethtown Community Hospital strives to meet or exceed. Quality is everyone's job at our hospital. The Quality Improvement Committee (board of directors) provides strategic direction about various initiatives, the quality department spearheads initiatives and everyone in the building is responsible for implementing the programs that relate to quality. From the board chair to nursing to housekeeping staff... everyone is responsible. For the past four years Elizabethtown Community Hospital has received 4 Guardian of Excellence Awards. 

Community Service Plan

A Community Service Plan is a document prepared by the hospital. It is an annual requirement of the New York State Department of Health that provides information about the hospital's outreach programs, services, and activities.