Transport Service

Transport Services

At the University of Vermont Health Network - Elizabethtown Community Hospital (ECH), we are committed to ensuring that patients receive the best care in the best location.

Learn more about how our emergency department and transport services work together to assess, stabilize, and, in some cases, transport patients who need more specific care.

ECH Emergency Departments

In our emergency departments, our highly skilled staff care for trauma patients, critical care patients, individuals involved in accidents, stroke victims, heart attack victims, those with broken bones, people requiring stitches, and sick children. Staff members are prepared to handle a variety of critical care situations and to connect with specialists across the UVM Health Network via telemedicine when necessary.

Many patients can be treated and released; but some require additional, specialized, and immediate medical care. For those patients, our main facility and Ticonderoga Campus provide a unique and critical role: to assess and stabilize the patients so they can survive transport to a trauma center or other facility that can provide the specific type of care required.

Transport program

The hospital owns two transport units that are always at the ready to transport patients as required. The hospital’s transport program employs staff with advanced EMT training, nurses, paramedics, and drivers to ensure that patients receive the best possible care while being transferred.

ECH also benefits from its connection to UVM Health Network and the Level 1 trauma center at UVM Medical Center. UVM Health Network’s critical care transport service includes a fleet of specially equipped ambulances and skilled personnel to transfer patients to advanced care at UVM Medical Center.