Diabetes Education and Support Group

Diabetes Education & Support Group

Looking for more information on managing diabetes? The University of Vermont Health Network - Elizabethtown Community Hospital (ECH) offers our patients living with diabetes excellent resources for self-management and support.

Diabetes is a challenging chronic health condition. If you are living with diabetes, you and your family often need to navigate big changes in the way you live your daily lives. This may include taking insulin and other medications, monitoring blood glucose, and modifications to your food preparation and physical activity. For most people, this is hard—and we are here to help.

Learn self-management skills to keep your diabetes under control from our certified diabetes educator in our Diabetes Self-Management Program. Reinforce those skills and connect to other patients who are living with diabetes in our monthly Diabetes Support Group. Learn more about each below.

Diabetes Support Group

Diabetes support groups can help patients and their families connect with others who are living with diabetes. Our free program covers topics from medication and stress management to finding a healthy food plan and the right type of physical activity for you. Diabetes-friendly recipes are shared at each meeting. Learn from our certified diabetes educator and others living with this chronic health challenge.

To Participate: Patients and their families may participate at any time free of charge.

When: The first Tuesday of every month at 4:30 PM 

Location: Secure online platform available. Please contact us for more information. 

Contact: Denise McLaughlin, BSN, RN, DCES
Phone: (518) 873-9005
Email:  dmclaughlin@ech.org

Diabetes Self-Management Program (Coming Fall 2021)

Geared for patients diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, this 10-hour program is offered year-round. Our certified diabetes educator will help you learn to effectively manage your blood glucose through nutrition planning, medication, and physical activity.

To Participate: Referral from health care provider and health insurance coverage required for patient participation.

Location: Available to meet with patients at any of our six health centers as well as the Elizabethtown and Ticonderoga Campuses 

Contact: Denise McLaughlin, BSN, RN, DCES
Phone: (518) 873-9005
Email:  dmclaughlin@ech.org

For Medical Professionals

To refer a patient to the Diabetes Self-Management Program, please contact Denise McLaughlin at (518) 873-9005.